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Stretch Hood Plastic Film
  • Stretch Hood Plastic Film

Stretch Hood Plastic Film

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Country of manufacture:Russia
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Polymer film Stretch Hood (Stretch hood) - a product of the latest developments in the field of polymer blends. The excellent physical and performance properties of the film define Stretch Hood's leading position in the palletizing segment. This type of packaging is very popular, people call it differently Stretch Hood, Stretch Hood or even Stretch Hood. Know the same thing when it comes to packaging film.

High elasticity, recovery elasticity and strength - innovative properties of the Stretch Hood film Photo Stretch Hood first layer

The carrier layer , which is based on a modern thermoplastic polymer EVA, forms the revolutionary properties of Stretch Hood:

  • high elasticity, allowing the film to be stretched with a significant increase in its original size;
  • упругость восстановления, определяющую способность пленки, возвращаться в исходное состояние.
second layer

Наружные слои, содержащие в качестве основного компонента металлоценовый полимер, обеспечивают усиленные прочностные характеристики пленки: стойкость к проколу, ударную прочность, сопротивление раздиру.

КОНСУЛЬТАЦИЯ СПЕЦИАЛИСТА Экономическая эффективность технологии упаковывания Stretch Hood - ваше конкурентное преимущество! Преимущества физических свойств и эксплуатационных характеристик в сочетании с неоспоримой экономической эффективностью обосновывают растущую популярность пленки Stretch Hood не только в области паллетирования грузов, но и в сегменте групповой упаковки Manufacturers interested in optimizing costs and increasing competitiveness choose Stretch Hood technology for significant savings in packaging material, increased productivity, and significant energy savings. Stretch Hood Competitive Advantages

Less film consumption compared to shrink wrap

Due to the high elasticity and the ability of the film to stretch while maintaining the strength properties, a single cargo is packed in a smaller number of running meters, the total consumption of packaging material is significantly reduced, and packaging costs are reduced.

Increased productivity of the packaging process

depending on the type of packaging equipment, the productivity of work reaches 200 pallets per hour, which increases the packaging speed several times.

Reducing energy costs

Heat - free packaging technology not only significantly reduces energy costs, but also improves the environmental friendliness of the production process.

Reduced logistics costs

The lower weight of the film and the compactness of the pallet optimize the costs of transportation and storage of products.

Reduced costs associated with product damage during transportation and storage

Due to the uniform tensile force, the Stretch Hood film tightly wraps the palletized cargo, ensuring its high stability during transportation. The increased strength characteristics increase the reliability of product protection from mechanical damage.

Photo of Stretch Hood packaging

Additional features

Make your product recognizable even in packaging!

Order flexographic printing, apply your logo or any image. Extend the shelf life of products prone to moisture release by applying perforations. Technological openings on the surface of the package exclude the accumulation of condensate and normalize the level of humidity, as well as prevent the oxidation of the metal package and the development of bacteria inside the group container.

Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 08.04.2021

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